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Acrylic Sample Pack Splashbax

Acrylic Sample Pack Splashbax

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Please read the sample product details before ordering.

Sample Product Details

Why not try one of our acrylic sample packs!

You can check out the quality of our product. You will receive 1 x A4 5mm acrylic sample board with a generic design to show you the physical make up of the panel. Its robust and low maintenance and with the image reverse printed it will never fade. You will also receive 3 x A4 images of your choice on 260 gram printing paper for you to mull over a design to suit your space.

Please note, pattern sizes and colours can be adjusted to meet your colour scheme.

Once you placed an order for the actual panel, you can request a full refund on the sample pack purchased from us.


1 x Generic design A4 acrylic sample board. From this you will be able to assess the quality of the actual product.


Up to 3 prints on 260gsm photo quality paper of your choice. To help you compare designs and colours of your selected images against your required colour scheme and furniture

Don’t forget to specify in the order notes or add them to the "Add Additional Information" Box on the product page below the " Buy it Now" button.

Don’t forget, we can make your shower/bathroom area totally unique and bespoke to you at no extra cost. We will work to your exact dimensions to the milimetre! This will work to benefit you in 2 main ways, firstly, you can have a free flowing design, running through your space, perhaps you have 3 walls in your shower area, well our design team can run one single design throughout the 3 walls lining up seamlessly and giving you a continuous image that flows through the space.

Secondly, with the boards cut to size, they should take absolute minimal time to install, a matter of minutes compared to days with tiles and paying a good tiler for his time. Lets look at an example on that front. Lets say some decent tiles may cost you £80m2 and a good tiler will cost you the same. A combined cost of £160m2 so for a 1m wall up to the ceiling will cost £480 perhaps plus materials, so well into the 500’s. Well our 1m 5mm acrylic panel will cost you around the 600 mark delivered and it not only looks a million times better with your very own bespoke design on it, it has no grout lines to go dirty or leak!

So don’t take our word for it, get yourself a sample pack and see and feel the quality for yourself and see why more and more people are making the switch from tiles!

We are always happy to take calls if you wish to discuss anything, need some inspiration or ideas for your space.. don’t delay, your showering artwork could be moments away! 😊

Shipping & Returns

Delivered direct by experienced couriers

Lead time is 10 -14 working days

All panels are made to order, no returns accepted


Our Premium Acrylic Panels are 3mm and 5mm thickness, they are sturdy and high quality panels.

Please see our size guide from drop down menu - we also offer custom sizes, custom colours and patterns. Please contact us for more information.

For UK – Please call us – +44 (0) 1932943088 / Email us

UNITED STATES – Please call us +1 800 493 9137 / Email us

For UAE – Please call us +971 55 339 1285 / Email us

For AUSTRALIA – Please call us (to be confirmed)  / Email us

Care Instructions

Only use soft cloth and soapy water to clean the panels. Abrasive cleaners and bleaches must not be used on panelling. High Quality Solvent Free Sealant needs to be replaced from time to time. Failure to do this may cause water ingress and subsequent panel damage.

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